Metal working

Modern metal waste recycling technologies provide ecologically expedient and economically efficient production

SIA “RMP” Company ensures supply, assembly and servicing of grinding and separation metal chip equipment, centrifuges, presses and briquetting systems, as well as coolants and metal-working oils filtration and disposal systems.

Our company is the official representative of the leading producers of metal recycling equipment such as companies: RUF and ARP GmbH & Co.KG.

  • Shredders


    Depending on the material and its form, are offered single-roll or two-roll chopper systems and is selected a certain configuration of cutting knives. The target particle size of the grinded material is attained with the help of installing of a sieve with a certain hole size diameter. Depending on the shape, dimensions of chip, the type of metal with the view of arch formation removing provides an opportunity of compacting pusher device using, which pushes chips to the grinding mechanism. It is possible to include in a grinding equipment complete such an option as a lubrication system.

    The specific model and options are selected in accordance with the raw material characteristics, production conditions of your enterprise and the planned result.

  • Transportation, separation and storage systems

    Transportation, separation and storage systems

    To provide an uninterrupted and automated machine work waste recycling process can be used various additional transportation equipment.

  • Centrifuges


    In some cases before the briquetting is conducted additional chip dehumidification in the centrifuge due to centrifugal force. The chip size for centrifuge treatment must be less than 25 mm. The residual chip moisture after treatment as a rule is less than 3%.

  • Briquetting systems

    Briquetting systems

    • reliability and durability;
    • a wide model range;
    • availability for connection on the place of installation;
    • minimal parts wear;
    • low electric energy consumption due to the hydraulic system valves control;
    • designed for automatic operation 24/7;
    • easily integration into existing production capacities;
    • compact press design on damper support frame does not require a special basis;
    • the machine’s configuration can be modified in accordance with the customer requirements.
  • Coolants and oils filtration system

    Coolants and oils filtration system

    The content of coolants and oils machine work wastes, such as grinding swarf can attain 50%. Collection of liquids in the process of waste recycling, their subsequent filtration and return reduce the recycling costs and operating costs in general. Coolants, which have lost their useful properties, must be reclaimed. The coolants recycling deposition is an expensive procedure. For reduction of water-containing liquids (by 95-97%) are used evaporators. The liquid separation is attained by the water part evaporation and conversion of other substances into a concentrate. The steam return is reached in the form of pure water, which henceforth is returned to the production process.

    The filtration method and filtration models are selected depending on the production conditions and solvable tasks.