Wood working

For the moment, when the reserves of fossil fuels types are declining and the world economy is purposefully designing in the direction of CO2 reduction emissions into the atmosphere, the importance of renewable energy sources is constantly growing.

The production of fuel chip, pellets and briquettes is for the moment the most technologically and economically feasible solution for efficiency increasing of wood waste and low-grade wood waste using. SIA "RMP" supplies equipment for all links of specified technological processes.

Based on the needs of your enterprise we will complete the production cycle with machines from RUF, Rudnick & Enners and C.F.Nielsen companies.

  • Debarking


    The Rudnick & Enners Company debarking units are distinguished by the highest quality and universality. Debarking plants can be used as autonomous machines or integrated into automated system solutions in assembled unit system.

  • Chipping technology

    Chipping technology

    Rudnick & Enners offers individual solutions for the requirements in the field of chipping technology, which are customized to your local conditions. We supply standard and specially designed machines, characterized by the highest quality and reliability in operation.

  • Lifting and transporting equipment

    Lifting and transporting equipment

    Rudnick & Enners Company produces systems for any transportation tasks solving: in round timber warehouses, sawmills, in bin loading and unloading systems, in silo loading systems, at loading stations, at fuel loading and ash removal systems for CHP plants working on biomass . The main focus of our activity is the design and delivery of system solutions in which are taken into account the individual needs of the customer.

    Rudnick & Enners Company supplies both standard and special machines, characterized by the highest quality and thought-out design. We will be happy to find an individual solution exactly for you.

  • Drying


    Rudnick & Enners Company compact drying units are used for the proportional sawdust and wood chip drying as well as for other bulk organic materials.

    Modular design, scalability, efficient waste heat using facilitate the wide using of this equipment in different production situations.

  • Separating and screening technology

    Separating and screening technology

    For wood chip separation and screening it into several fractions, Rudnick & Enners company offers rotating screening, disk, drum and pellet screens, vibrating screens and metal detectors.

    Like all equipment produced by Rudnick & Enners namely separation and screening systems are available in a different design and configurations in accordance with the required tasks.

  • Discharge and dosing systems

    Discharge and dosing systems

    The discharge and dosing systems are designed and produced according to individual orders corresponds to the raw materials characteristics, the requested capability and general operation conditions. A wide range of technological solutions in the branch of lifting and transportation equipment allows to integrate the discharge and dosing systems into complex solutions.

  • Briquetting systems

    Briquetting systems

    RUF is the world leading manufacturer of hydraulic briquetting presses and C.F. Nielsen is the world leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses. Together the two companies will master all important briquetting technologies and the co-operation, synergies, continuous development and marketing efforts will be of great benefit to our customers and partners all over the world.

    For the ensuring of wood briquettes high quality, RUF Company briquetting systems work at a material compression pressure reaching 1700 kg/cm². Important advantages of RUF Company briquetting systems operation are their exceptional reliability, economical energy consumption and low wear, what also contributes to the shortest payback period. We supply systems with hydraulic motors with the capacity from 3 kW to 90 kW in a configuration that exactly corresponds to the allocated operating room.

    C.F. Nielsen deliver briquetting solutions from 200 kg/h and upwards to plants with more than 100.000 tons capacity of briquettes per year. Lately the company has added extrusion briquetting technology to its product program.

    With throughput capacities of 30 to 3.500 kg/h, RUF & C.F. Nielsen are able to offer the right machinery for a complete range of applications, including wood, agricultural and other biomass raw material. Facilities in both companies enable a test pressing based on sample material to check feasibilities or the briquette quality.

  • Briquettes packaging units

    Briquettes packaging units

    Briquettes packaging in polyethylene bags from a technological point of view is a fairly simple operation and can be conducted manually. However the operation monotony and the dependence on the human factor actualizes this process automation require especially in installations from several briquetting systems.

    Depending on the required automation level are possible different solutions.