Automated packing line


The line realizes an automatic briquettes selection from briquetting presses, their transportation to the buncher device, a bunch forming of 12 rectangular briquettes, the prepared bunch wrapping in a shrink film, the packaging passing through a thermotunnel and a cooling station, the finished packaging transportation to the pallet stowage place and the winding station of finished pallet with stretch film. The work of the packing line is synchronized with the presses operation and controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC). The design of the line is based on a modular principle.

Benefits and advantages

  • work ability in automatic mode 24/7
  • Manual labor share reduction and correspondingly to this labor costs reduction per packaging due to the complete process automation
  • Packaging vendibility improving and briquettes friability reducing during transportation and transshipment
  • The device is configured based on the installation place conditions and in accordance with customer requirements
  • The modular line design allows to increase subsequently capability as well as add new functional parts, for example the automatic feeding device of flyers into the packaging