Twin chipper

With the novel system of a multi-stage chipping machine, it is possible to process logs, slabs and chips with one machine directly to a suitable grain size for drying and pelletizing.

Common concept

The Rudnick & Enners twin chipper ensures efficient processing, for example for pellet and briquette production. Thanks to the direct processing into the required chip structure, an additional wet or dry chipping is not necessary.

Special features

  • Chipping to the required fraction on the single machine
  • By chipping are obtained the optimal chip fraction structure and therefore the need for additional wet or dry chipping before briquetting has come off
  • Thanks to the wear-resistant mechanisms using, the chipper is reliable and easy in use
  • A new method of material grabbing in combination with a vibro conveyor equipped with a metal detector, which feeds logs, improves the efficiency of chipping
  • The optimal Twin Chipper model is selected basing on the maximal log diameter at the inlet and the required output capability.е
Дробильные машины Twin Chipper