Roller debarking machines

In the woodworking industry the bark is often seen as a hindrance by production. During the material preparation for pelletizing in the pulp and paper industry as well as by preventive treatment against pests and fungus are used different methods of machine debarking.

The roller debarking machine produced by Rudnick & Enners Company effectively removes the bark from roundwood and trunks of various diameters obtained by forest thinning. The bark is removed at low speeds by logs friction on the rotor rolls and on each other.

Debarking capability and quality are regulated by the duration of the cycle. Even trees rhizomes can be processed. The removed bark passes through the holes between the rolls and falls down. The capability of the roll debarking machine can attained up to 1.600 cm3 per shift.

Investments in the debarking machine produced by Rudnick & Enners Company are justified thanks to its robust design and low wear level.

Roll debarking machine from the single producer

In most cases the greatest economic efficiency can be attained by fully debarking machine integration into the line.

Rudnick & Enners Company supplies innovative production technologies from the single producer.


  • economical
  • flexible in length and logs diameter
  • effective
  • suitable for different geometries logs
  • suitable for different wood types
  • adjustable barking quality

For the bark grinding we recommend bark grinding using..