Belt conveyors

In accordance with individual customer requirements, Rudnick & Enners Company offers a wide belt conveyors variety: with abrasive belt, troughed belt as well as roller conveyors.

The first-class components using and the compliance with the high quality production standards allows us to meet the demanding requirements of our customers concerning the material and technical support of bulk materials transportation. As a result we offer high-capability and reliable lifting and transporting equipment with minimal energy consumption for trouble-free operation over a long service life.

Ленточные транспортеры

For transport belts with abrasive belts, the belt runs on a continuous steel sheet floor. Special low-friction belts ensure are low-wear and energy-saving transport.

For troughed belts and roller belts, the belt runs either fully or partly on rollers in forward or return motion.

All belts are available with optional equipment such as: explosion protection equipment, feed monitoring, hydr. tensioning device, wiper, scraper, emergency pull rope, as well as belts with various profiling. The choice for a transport belt depends, amongst others, on the transported material and possible inclinations of the belt conveyor.