Conveyors and transfer units

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These units are designed for waste reloading from the trolley into the processing machine bunker.

S-shaped articulating belt chip conveyor for chip

  • Rugged sheet steel design
  • Belt width, mm 500
  • Max. length, mm 6000
  • Motor, kW 0.55

S-shaped articulating belt chip conveyor with a chip storage bunker
Rugged sheet stell design

Support frame with coolant tank

Control and running through the briquetting system cabinet

  • Belt width, mm 500
  • Bunker volume, m³ until 5
  • Motor, kW до 1.5

S-shaped articulating belt briquette conveyor

  • Belt width, mm 200
  • Max. length, mm 6000
  • Motor, kW 0.55

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Our projects

RUF 500 un Strojplast

RUF 500 un Strojplast

In July 2018, SIA RMP installed a new briquetting press RUF 500 in a Latvian wood processing company with an additional bunker, which split the material between two presses, and a conveyor belt and the Strojplast packing machine. In order to interact with all the equipment, it was necessary to install modern control panels to inform about the operation of each machine and warning about a errors.

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What are the advantages of briquetting metal chips?

Reducing the volume of chips during briquetting will reduce the cost of production space, storage, and transportation by several times. The coolant contained in the chips is squeezed out and collected in the press pan, after additional filtration it can be returned to production. Briquettes are no longer waste, they are a valuable secondary raw material for foundry production, which can replace part of the lump metal in the charge and increase the yield of metal during remelting.



What are the advantages of briquetting grinding slurry?

- extract up to 90% of expensive grinding oil from the sludge and return it to production, saving on the purchase of new oil,

- significantly reduce the volume of grinding sludge,

- reduce the cost of sludge disposal, because sludge after briquetting is almost dry,

- increase the level of environmental safety of the enterprise. Sludge in briquetted form, without oil content, can be transferred from a hazardous waste category to a less hazardous one.


What other metal waste, besides metal shavings and grinding sludge, can the RUF press briquet?

For example, aluminum foil, aluminum cans, aluminum caps from medicine containers, spent cartridges, titanium sponge, shredded copper wire. Send us information about your waste and we will definitely answer you on the possibility of briquetting, in case of doubt, we will offer to conduct a test briquetting.


What are the requirements for producing briquettes?

In general, almost all materials can be made into briquettes. However, the chip particles should not be bigger than 50mm. The chips should not contain any impurities. For Wood & Biomass the moisture content should be less than 12 % (max 15 %).


Is it possible to briquet magnesium shavings, because it is prone to spontaneous combustion?

Yes, it is possible and even necessary. Briquetting of magnesium shavings is an effective way to eliminate the risk of spontaneous combustion, due to the high density of the briquettes there is no oxygen access to the shavings.


How do I find the right briquetting machine?

We have many years of experience in briquetting which means that our experts are well-qualified to provide you with professional advice in choosing the right briquette press. We work with you to identify your individual requirements on the basis of the material in question and the production conditions. This then allows us to offer you custom-made briquetting machines or even complete briquetting solutions.


Is there an “all-rounder” press for all possible materials?

We always try to find the best possible briquetting solution. Our range has therefore been specifically developed for certain materials, production conditions or marketing purposes of the briquettes. Our experts will be happy to advise you with respect to processing several different materials with one briquetting machine.


Do we need to crush/shred the chips before briquetting?

In the case of long, woolly chips, it may be necessary to crush the starting material beforehand. In this case, we can offer complete solutions together with the relevant suppliers. With our free pressing test, we can establish whether your starting material can be briquetted or whether it needs to be crushed beforehand.


Why carry out test briquetting?

By testing, our specialists determine the ability of chips to briquetting, which press model is best suited for a particular material, whether there is a need for options. In the process of testing, parameters such as the density of the briquette, the strength of the briquette (friability test), the amount of coolant squeezed out are determined.


How is a test pressing done? Is it done free of charge?

Test pressing is done free of charge and without any obligation on your part, and is carried out in Technical Centre using your own material. At your request, you can be present at the test pressing. The results are important for the choice of the briquetting machine – for example, briquette thickness, residual moisture, durability to withstand handling, the amount of cooling lubricants recovered, etc.


Where to buy spare parts and consumables for the RUF press?

Our warehouse in Riga always has the main spare parts for RUF presses. Some positions, according to your application, we order the manufacturer and arrange delivery to our warehouse. The manufacturer maintains an extensive stock of spare parts for almost all RUF presses produced to date.

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Lai nošķirtu lielizmēra piemaisījumus no metāla skaidām tiek izmantots vibrosiets.


Vacuum suction units

For chip transportation can be used vacuum piping systems, located at the top part . As a vacuum aggregate is used a rotary piston blower.


Silo systems


Bunker cutting system

Designed for shredders EZ6, ZW400 or ZW500 (others on request).

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