Recycling projects

  • RUF Lignum R6 and RUF Lignum R4 in Belarus

    In August of this year, we installed two new briquetting presses in Belarus - RUF Lignum R6 and RUF Lignum R4. he further improvement of the hydraulic system of the Lignum R has led to an efficiency increase of around 25%. The company recycles plywood chips by producing briquettes with a total output of over 1200 kg/hour, Lignum R6 - 670 kg/h and Lignum R4 - 575 kg/h.

  • RUF 500 un Strojplast

    In July 2018, SIA RMP installed a new briquetting press RUF 500 in a Latvian wood processing company with an additional bunker, which split the material between two presses, and a conveyor belt and the Strojplast packing machine. In order to interact with all the equipment, it was necessary to install modern control panels to inform about the operation of each machine and warning about a errors.

  • RMP automatic packing line

    In April 2018 installed a packaging line for briquettes manufactured in Lithuania with a capacity of 1.5t/h. The company manufactures briquettes with four briquetting machines with briquettes produced in excess of 1 ton per hour. Most packaging machines are expensive and do not meet the needs of woodworking companies, because packaging of briquettes is a very complicated process. Thanks to the SIA RMP team and its long experience in the production and processing of briquettes in general, SIA RMP engineers developed a solution suitable for this particular customer.

  • RUF in Transbaikalia

    In April 2017 a new RUF press was installed in Transbaikalia for briquetting non-ferrous metal chips. This technology makes possible to metalworking waste recycle for second raw material in metalworking company.

  • RUF Lignum R4 briquetting pres

    In the woodworking company, we installed a RUF Lignum R4 briquetting press with bunkers and packing table. The further improvement of the hydraulic system of the LIGNUM R4 has led to an efficiency increase of around 25%.

  • Rudnick & Enners Pellet screen

    Rudnick & Enners Pellet screen and belt conveyor were installed in Rezekne. SIA RMP has installed both machines in the existing pellet production company. The pellet screen reduces dust by removing dust from granules, resulting in increased quality of the produced pellets.

  • RUF 800

    The briquetting press RUF 800 recycles the wood residue with capacity 660kg/h. The resulting briquettes are sell in the briquettes market, thus making their company the most efficient. At present, four briquetting presses are already installed in this company.

  • Shredder

    In 2016 start up Erdwich M600/1-600-7,5 kW shredder for steel chips.

  • RUF 11/3300/50x50

    In 2016 were installed press RUF 11/3300/50x50 press, which briquettes a mix of steel and aluminum chips.

  • RUF 400 press

    The RUF 400 briquetting press is installed in St. Petersburg in 2014. The processed material: waste from tobacco production.