Wood Drying Chamber


We offer a new line of ecological and energy-saving chamber dryers of the ECO-Dryers type. Special solutions aimed at reducing the noise produced by the chambers, reducing and rationalizing the consumption of electricity, reducing the consumption of thermal energy, reducing water consumption for humidification and optimizing the drying time of lumber.

Lumber dryers are made of stainless materials, and their operation is controlled by a microprocessor control system. They are designed for drying all types of lumber with a final moisture content of up to 6%, providing high quality loading and ease of use.

The load-bearing structure of the walls and ceiling of the drying chamber is made of very strong, corrosion-resistant 1.5 mm (AlMg3) alloy steel panels and very strong, corrosion-resistant 6060 T66 aluminum profile frames. They are bonded to each other with special glue and fastened with screws. The inner lining is completely sealed. A system of rails is installed on the side walls of the chambers, allowing the installation of shields that protect the walls of the dryer from dents during loading. The outer skin is made of aluminum trapezoidal sheet, which additionally adds rigidity to the structure.

Dryers offered by us can be made in many variants, incl. with single-leaf, double-leaf or folding gates, according to the individual wishes of the customer, differing in the loading volume and the control system used.


A special muffler system has been installed. This system drastically reduces the noise generated by the kilns, which makes it possible to place kilns in areas with very high noise requirements. It is also possible to mute already installed cameras. The ECO-Dryers series of chambers, thanks to the special wall structure (3 alternating layers of mineral wool insulation) and the thermal structure of the columns, is characterized by a noise level reduced by approximately 25% compared to standard chambers.


ECO-dryers according to a special selection program are equipped with fans with the lowest possible power consumption at a given chamber load. Due to the wide range of fans available, we can use 10 types of SIEMENS motors with power from 0.37 ÷ 5.5 kW. Automation of ECO-Dryers as a standard includes a fan speed control system using a frequency converter (inverter). The drying program implements different fan speeds depending on the type of lumber, its thickness and the current load humidity. Thanks to this system, you can save up to 30% of electricity. The ECO-dryer control system includes a special software module.


In ECO-dryers, the following solutions were used to reduce heat consumption:

· Wall insulation increased to 150 mm.

Eliminated thermal bridges through the use of three alternating layers and special insulation of structural elements

Condensation of water vapor in the furnaces and drainage of water into the drying room are eliminated through the use of thermal insulation of the side walls and the roof.

A double set of high-performance, stainless metal heaters (INOX + aluminum, mounted in front and behind the chamber) was installed and two independent temperature regulation and control systems were used, thanks to which, regardless of the direction of rotation of the fan and the loading of the chamber, temperature uniformity in the chamber is created up to 1 ° FROM; no temperature fluctuations, which ensures smooth, fast and economical drying.

Each chamber is equipped with specially selected cross-flow aluminum plate heat exchangers that recover heat from the air expelled from the chamber; the average annual heat recovery reaches 30%.


The automation installed on the ECO-Dryers drying line is equipped with new software that, thanks to unique adaptive procedures, allows you to individually adjust the control parameters for each chamber. A special software module measures the response of the chamber to a pulse of forced energy before each drying process and during its duration (for correction). Based on this response, all parameters of the procedural procedures are set. A specific, permanent "adaptation" of automation is achieved. Thanks to this, the drying process can be carried out optimally by appropriately controlling the heating unit and fireplaces, matched to the size of the load and the current output of the heat source. Thanks to this system, the user receives the wood of the desired quality in the shortest possible time.


To reduce water consumption for humidification, the ECO-Dryers series uses a unique high-pressure humidification system (system pressure up to 80 bar), which has the following advantages:

- the consumption of thermal energy for the evaporation of water condensed on the lumber and the floor is excluded

- radically, by about 60%, the water consumption during drying is reduced

- drying is accelerated due to a more precise maintenance of the climate in the chamber and a decrease in air exchange caused by humidity overshoot

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Can you supply a turnkey plant?

Yes, we can design and deliver a turnkey plant, from any fraction and moisture content of raw materials.


How long is the service life of a machine?

RUF briquette presses are very robust and are known for having a low level of wear and tear. Some of our systems have been in use for more than 25 years.

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