C.F.Nielsen BP 5510

wood, straw
Max. productivity: (kg/h)
wood 45
straw 55
Power: (kWt)
Briquette size in section: (mm)
Ø75, 65х65
Size: (LxWxH) (mm)
2900 х 7100 х 1600
Weight: (t)
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The mechanical briquetting press BP5510 has an advanced design and is the top line in briquetting. The double feeding system guarantees high capacity, regardless of the density of the raw material. The press is equipped with an advanced control system that allows internet access. It is possible to monitor, operate or search for failures and even to reprogram the PLC-function via an internet connection. All operation texts and failure notices can be shown in up to 16 languages. The log function is an important tool for analyzing and improving the briquetting process.
The BP 5510 is a strong press with a sturdy housing made of high tensile steel and fixed on heavy steel reinforced concrete foundation which secures a quiet and safe operation with extremely low vibration level.
A unique piston and die system with exchangeable piston crown and wear rings is available for different types of briquettes from various raw materials.
The press is mainly suitable medium sized capacities of consumer briquettes with 10-12% moisture and high capacity production of industrial briquettes with with moisture ranging from 6-16% and with a capacity of up to 1100 kg/h. Briquettes can be round with a diameter of 75 mm or square 65×65 mm.


  • Modern design with streamlined fiberglass covers
  • Reduced noise level
  • Bigger motors until 55 kW
  • Touch screen operation via control panel or your iPad
  • Latest PLC software for control system and itnernet log in
  • Service-friendly and easy to clean
  • Easy to service and low maintenance costs
  • Die system with exchangable wear parts to reduce costs
  • Improved safety system
  • Improved lubrication system
  • Improved oil/water cooling
  • Heavy built and suitable for running 3-shift operation




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Konstantin Miroshnik

Sales Manager

+371 29474852 konstantin.miroshnik@rmp.lv
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Name C.F.Nielsen BP 5510 C.F.Nielsen BP 6510
Material wood, straw wood, straw
Max. productivity (kg/h) wood 45 straw 55 wood 65 straw 75
Power (kWt) 68 68
Briquette size in section (mm) Ø75, 65х65 Ø90, Ø100, 75х75
Size (LxWxH) (mm) 2900 х 7100 х 1600 2900 х 7100 х 1600
Weight (t) 5,5 5,5



What are the advantages of sawdust/shavings/dust briquetting?

There are several advantages: reduction in the volume of production waste, savings on waste disposal, savings on fines from environmentalists for the removal of sawdust / wood chips / dust, the ability to sell briquettes to the domestic market / export.


What equipment, in addition to the press, should be purchased?

To prepare the briquetting zone, it is necessary to consider how to transport raw materials from the point of waste generation to the briquetting press. To do this, you will need screws, an operational batcher and possibly additional equipment: this is determined after visiting and inspecting the zone.


What is the payback period?

Many factors are taken into account here: the volume of waste in production, its humidity. It will depend on this whether a line for preparing wet raw materials is needed or whether a briquetting zone is needed from dry. Approximate terms - from 0,5 year to 5 years.


How do I find the right briquetting machine?

We have many years of experience in briquetting which means that our experts are well-qualified to provide you with professional advice in choosing the right briquette press. We work with you to identify your individual requirements on the basis of the material in question and the production conditions. This then allows us to offer you custom-made briquetting machines or even complete briquetting solutions.


Do we need to crush/shred the chips before briquetting?

In the case of long, woolly chips, it may be necessary to crush the starting material beforehand. In this case, we can offer complete solutions together with the relevant suppliers. With our free pressing test, we can establish whether your starting material can be briquetted or whether it needs to be crushed beforehand.


What is the best way to pack briquettes?

Several solutions are suitable for packaging: the standard use of plastic bags with a thermal knife seal. But with this type of packaging, the briquettes crumble during transportation. To reduce flaking, a heat-resistant film is used. In it, the briquette, due to the tight arrangement to each other, does not crumble.We offer solutions from Strojplast.


Which is better: briquettes or pellets?

It all depends on where you plan to use biofuels. If for stoves, fireplaces, baths and barbecues - definitely briquettes of the RUF type. If for industrial furnaces, then pellets, but modern technologies also allow the use of briquettes for these purposes, because. they have a lower cost, and accordingly the price.


Do you provide service and spare parts sales?

Yes, we have a technical department that provides these services.

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